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You Can’t Change Truth

The picture on the front of the July 25, 2011 New York Times showed two homosexual men after their “wedding”.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who performed the ceremony, looks on, his usual dour expression gone and replaced by one that is pleasant and beaming.   The first section of the paper devotes two more pages to gay […]

The Impossibility of Women Priests

A smirking article in the New York Times, printed front-page on 23 July 2011 and titled “Priests Challenge Vatican on Ordaining Women,” had to do with 150 Roman Catholic priests in the United States who joined in signing a statement in defense of a Maryknoll priest who participated in the “ordination” of a woman “priest” […]

Letter to the Editor

The following letter was sent to the New York Times on Monday, July 11, 2011: The TIMES BOOK REVIEW has its hand in the cookie jar (ABSOLUTE MONARCHS, July 10, 2011).  Its preemptive strike against those who would dare call them on it is to deny there’s a cookie jar (Up Front, p.4). A “collapsed […]

The Times’s Popes

Anyone familiar with the New York Times’s record when it comes to reporting on the Catholic Church will be surprised to learn that Bill Keller, the paper’s executive editor, thinks that the Times and the Church should be run in the same way.  That is, that the Church should be managed like the Times, not […]

Who’s Mindless?

The incoherence of liberalism, which is essentially an emotional orientation rather than a philosophy or a political doctrine, can be perceived in the current debates on homosexual marriage and abusive Catholic priests. A study released last week by the United States Council of Catholic Bishops attributes the problem of priestly abuse of children to the […]

Can They Ever Belong?

The article—printed below the fold on the front page of the New York Times, headed “American Muslims Ask, Will We Ever Belong?”, and set beside a color photo of the respectable-looking, well-dressed family of Dr. Ferhan Asghar–was clearly meant to be poignant. And so it was, to a degree.  “We worry,” the Times  (6 September […]

Taking over Christian Culture

How does the devil take over Christian culture?  One way is to inure people to evil by making it seem normal and attractive.  Like the new movie The Kids Are All Right.   If you don’t know the plot, I’ll give you a quick summary of the premise:  A lesbian couple has two children, both the […]

The New York Times and Abortionists

“THE NEW ABORTION PROVIDERS” blares the front cover of the July 19, 2010 New York Times Magazine. The lengthy piece is a bouquet to the doctors, mostly young, who perform abortions today. It would be nice if the Times were as sympathetic to the Catholic Church and its positions as they are to the baby […]

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