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The Intelligent Catholic’s Guide News and Notes for Catholics

In our upside down world the UN committee against torture accuses Catholics of promoting torture because of their stand against abortion.  C-Fam gives a full report on Archbishop Silvano Tomasi’s (Apostolic Nuncio at the UN) statements to the UN committees on the subject….One of the hardest things to do is act as a caregiver to […]

What Has a Generation of “Social Values” Nuns Wrought?

“The nuns and their social values had a tremendous impact on all of us.” So said Ellen M. Gilligan, sister of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, in a New York Times article about the HHS Secretary. It’s a sobering statement, isn’t it?  What has a generation of “social values” nuns wrought?  Several generations […]

Book Review: Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as told by a Cat

I started this book thinking I would love it.  I love cats and felt bad when Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope and couldn’t take his cat with him to live in the papal apartments.  I have a framed picture of the Pope Emeritus petting a black cat at the Birmingham Oratory during his visit […]

Catholics and Assimilation

Read an interesting interview in Catholic World Report with Russell Shaw, the noted journalist and writer on all things Catholic.  Archbishop Charles Chaput calls him, “One of the best informed and most articulate observers of the American Catholic experience; a writer of elegant clarity, fairness and impeccable research.” Mr. Shaw’s most recent book is American […]

The Intelligent Catholic’s Guide® Book News and Notes for Catholics

Roman Catholic Books ( brought The Childhood of Jesus by Magdalen Eldon and Frances Phipps back into press in 2012.  It is a lovely illustrated life of Jesus as a boy using Gospel accounts of His later life to put the story together. Recommended as a wonderful gift for children….Ignatius Press ( has just come out […]

Old-fashioned, Charming…and Catholic

My husband and I like to relax watching DVDs.  We’re not fond of most modern movies; but we do find old and a few new television series, mostly British, that we  enjoy.  Of course, we’re hooked on Downton Abbey. We have recently been watching an Italian mystery-adventure series called Don Matteo.  Sold by Ignatius Press, […]

The YOUCAT Controversy

It is hard to understand how the Italian edition of YOUCAT, the just-released catechism for young Catholics, could include such egregious mistakes as it does.  The Italian version leaves the impression that Catholic couples may practice artificial contraception and, according to, also contains errors regarding euthanasia.  Originally written in German, the work was overseen […]

Political, Cultural and Other Happenings

The Obama administration weakened the Bush rule giving health care workers the right to refuse to participate in procedures they deem immoral like abortion.  The new rule only allows these workers to refuse to participate in abortions and sterilizations.  They cannot refuse to provide abortifacient contraceptives among other things. The Bush conscience rule, said Health and Human […]

Martin Mosebach to Speak in the New York Area

Martin Mosebach is a noted German novelist who wrote a book several years ago for Ignatius called The Heresy of Formlessness, an evaluation of the Novus Ordo and a defense of the old Latin Mass, now the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  I haven’t read his fiction; but I’ve read some of his articles in […]

Disturbing Statistic — What Can We Do?

 I read a disturbing statistic the other day in an emailing from The Cardinal Newman Society.  According to their letter, one in eight Catholics leave the Faith while attending a Catholic college. Why? Well one reason is simply that  young Catholics are away from home and parental control for the first time when they go […]

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