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The Intelligent Catholic’s Guide News and Notes for Catholics

No one has even accused the mainstream publishing industry of being conservative or, indeed, Catholic, or even broadly Christian, so it comes as no surprise that Penguin Books for Young Readers and Listening Library, both part of Penguin Random House, have launched a joint campaign to highlight recommended LGBTQ books for children and teens….First Things […]

Catholics Need to Stand Up and Defend Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act

In the wake of Indiana’s newly passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act, comes an excellent piece on the ensuing furor by First Things editor Rusty Reno. “Will a traditional view of marriage be permitted any public space in the new gay rights regime?” he asks. “The furor against Indiana’s RFRA suggests that if the gay rights […]

The Intelligent Catholic’s Guide News and Notes for Catholics

Loreto Publications has brought the Haydock Douay-Rheims Bible back into print.  The Haydock Bible has a larger font than the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible and includes a comprehensive Catholic commentary, an illustrated Catholic Bible Dictionary and a History of the Books of Holy Scripture.  It is reproduced from the 1859 edition of Father Haydock….EWTN has a […]

The Intelligent Catholic’s Guide in the Public Square

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone spoke at the March for Marriage on June 19 and I recommend you read his excellent speech, “Building a Civilization of Truth and Love”. Here are a smattering of quotes from the Archbishop: “[W]e now in our own time need to proclaim and live the truth with charity and compassion as it […]

The Intelligent Catholic’s Guide News and Notes for Catholics

Convert Scott Hahn demystifies the New Evangelization in Evangelizing Catholics: A Mission Manual for the New Evangelization (Our Sunday Visitor) so that each of us can be a witness to Christ every day to everyone we meet ….Wyoming Catholic College is sponsoring a series of lectures by the college’s president Kevin Roberts and professors Kyle […]

The Intelligent Catholic’s Guide News and Notes for Catholics

Got an interesting press release this morning from Franciscan University of Steubenville noting that according to a new report from the Center for Applied Research on the Apostolate 14% of men ordained this year had attended at least one of Steubenville’s Summer Youth Conferences before entering the seminary.  This summer Steubenville will sponsor 20 more […]

Catholic Writers in Today’s World

I recommend Dana Gioia’s excellent piece, “The Catholic Writer Today” in the December First Things.  Unlike the postwar decade when, as Mr. Gioia points out, “Catholic voices in all their diversity played an active role in shaping the dynamic public conversation that is American literature,” today Catholicism is a detriment rather than a worldview to […]

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