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Catholic Bias

I am a cradle Catholic.  I was brought up to say my prayers morning and night.  To celebrate Christmas because that’s when Baby Jesus was born.   I am also a cradle conservative.  The first political discussion I remember having with my father was when I was about six or seven.  It concerned Joe McCarthy and […]

The New Catholic Persecution

From the reign of Henry VIII until 1823, the Anglican Church was the enemy and persecutor of the Catholic Faith in England. More recently, it has been political correctness and the British Labour Party.  Last March, a judge on the High Court  ordered the Charity Commission to review a request by Catholic Care, the last […]

The God of Men, and of Marriages

Christopher Hitchens, the author of God Is Not Great,  regrets that he will probably not live to see the deaths of  “elderly criminals like Henry Kissinger and Joseph Ratzinger.”  This is the same Hitchens, brother of the English journalist Peter Hitchens, who not so long ago described Mother Teresa as a “bitch.”  A recent diagnosis […]


The ordinarily vigilant Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights appears to have reacted with insufficient intolerance in setting aside a complaint by Catholic News Agency regarding a Hyundai commercial that quite obviously mocks Holy Mass by way of parodying it.   A dozen years ago, fans of an Argentinean soccer played named Diego Maradona […]

The Truth in Plain View

George Neumayr has said what needed to be said about the Pagans’ Crusade against Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church in an excellent article (“Pope Benedict’s critics don’t care about kids”) published Arpil 5, 2010 in The Washington Times. If anything more telling has been said or written on the subject, I have yet […]

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