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Review of A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy

You’re going to have a baby.  The first time you realize that you are pregnant is momentous and overwhelming.  Whether it’s your first or fifth, if you’re expecting you should check out Sarah Reinhard’s A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy (Ave Maria Press)Subtitled Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism it is a weekly journey through pregnancy to labor and birth and baptism by a mother of three.

“When I’m at the very beginning of a pregnancy,” relates Mrs. Reinhard,  “I am often overwhelmed with a flurry of feelings: joy, fear, dread….Pregnancy is a very physical experience, one that challenges everything you’ve known, even if it’s not your first pregnancy.”

Most pregnant women know exactly what Mrs. Reinhard means.

Part one of A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy is a weekly chronicle that covers both the physical and spiritual aspects of your pregnancy with information and suggestions like:

An account of what is happening to your body…Helpful reflections on one of the mysteries of the rosary and how it applies at this time of your  pregnancy…A faith-related task to give you encouragement… An explanation of an element of the Catholic faith.

Parts Two and Three cover labor, birth and the baptism of your baby.

The book is full of very practical guidelines and advice like…

• When do you tell people your good news

• 7 ways to keep Daddy involved

• Labor: mental, physical and spiritual preparations for you and your husband

• 5 daily must-dos to overcome depression during pregnancy

• When things go wrong:  miscarriage, a disabled baby, a baby who probably won’t live after birth

• Boy or girl?  Should you know before the birth

If you have a family member or friend who is expecting, A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy would make an excellent gift.

Maureen Williamson

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