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Category Archives: New English Translation of the Mass

The New English Mass

The revised English version of the Mass has survived the first month since its institution at the beginning of Advent without any of the dire predictions made by certain members of the liturgical committee of the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops and left-wing philistines from the more liberal English-speaking parishes having come to pass. Moreover, […]

The New Mass Translation

This Sunday begins use of the new English Mass translation.   Catholics in the English-speaking world will use a translation that adheres more faithfully to the original Latin and is, in the words of Jeffrey Tucker, managing editor of Sacred Music, the magazine of the Church Music Association of America, “beautiful”. Chilton and I are lucky. Our […]

The Ordeal of Intelligence

Last Sunday our pastor, who has been introducing the parish to the revised Order of Mass and who the previous week had explained the reasons pertaining to the change from “And also with you” to “And with your spirit,” turned his attention to that which substitutes for “Lord, I am not ready to receive You…,” […]

Liturgical Changes

According to the blogger Andrea Tornielli, Pope Benedict XVI will announce next week, in the form of a motu proprio, that he has charged a reorganized Congregation for the Divine Worship with promoting a liturgy that will more faithfully reflect the intentions of Vatican II, which have since been subverted by arbitrary and deforming changes […]

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