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Help for Our Battles with the Devil

Pope Francis recommended the other day in his homily that we “recite the ancient but beautiful prayer to the archangel Michael (one of my favorites), so he may continue to do battle and defend the greatest mystery of mankind: that the Word was made Man, died and rose again.” The Pope’s sermon focused on Satan […]

The Horror of the Devil Prevails in This World

I guess this latest horror shouldn’t surprise us. The Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club is “hosting a reenactment of a historical event known as a black mass.”  A real black mass uses and desecrates a consecrated host.  The National Catholic Register quotes the student club producing this reenactment as saying it,  “Unequivocally does not include […]

Confronting an Uncomfortable Topic

We all laugh at the idea of the old-fashioned preacher who railed against the devil in his sermons.  Yet, I don’t think it it is wrong to say that Catholics have become a little sanguine about Satan and evil.   Let’s face it, no one likes to confront the topic. A few weeks ago, Pope Francis […]

The Devil’s World

I wonder how many people in today’s secular world believe in the devil.  Once again, we’ve seen proof of his existence in the horrific slaughter in Newtown, Ct.  Matricide and the murder of small children send shivers down the spines of decent people. But is the United States a country of decent people?  We’ve just […]

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