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Here Is What Happens When Marriage Is a Legal Contract

I live in one of the now-numerous states that have legalized gay marriage.  Here’s the thing that continues to amaze me: of the many non-Catholics who maintain that marriage should be between man and woman, as God intended, I have not heard a single person acknowledge that the gay marriage wave springs from the fundamental […]

Catholic Writers in Today’s World

I recommend Dana Gioia’s excellent piece, “The Catholic Writer Today” in the December First Things.  Unlike the postwar decade when, as Mr. Gioia points out, “Catholic voices in all their diversity played an active role in shaping the dynamic public conversation that is American literature,” today Catholicism is a detriment rather than a worldview to […]

6 Ways to Turn Your Smartphone into a Sacramental

Sacramental (n.) an item that assists in prayer How can the smartphone, tablet or computer that everyone’s attached to become a sacramental—a prayer tool? While it’s nice to disconnect to pray and meditate, it’s also refreshing to infuse theology and daily prayer life into the mobile and online lifestyle. Rather than opening a dictionary to […]

Old-fashioned, Charming…and Catholic

My husband and I like to relax watching DVDs.  We’re not fond of most modern movies; but we do find old and a few new television series, mostly British, that we  enjoy.  Of course, we’re hooked on Downton Abbey. We have recently been watching an Italian mystery-adventure series called Don Matteo.  Sold by Ignatius Press, […]

Which will prevail? Secularism or Religion?

Cardinal Raymond Burke and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius agree on one thing:  We are in a cultural “war”.  Which will prevail in this world?  Secularism or religion? Abortion and homosexuality and “gay marriage” are at the heart of the conflict; but are certainly not the only issues.  There are strong feelings on […]

A New Old Curriculum

Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina was founded in 1876 by Benedictine monks from Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The monks, who now have an abbey in Belmont and whose Abbot serves as the school’s chancellor, continue to sponsor the college. This semester Belmont Abbey College is introducing a core curriculum. Required courses are: First-Year Symposium, Rhetoric I […]

Pat Buchanan Links America’s Collapsing Fortunes to the Decline of Christianity and to the Catholic Church’s Crisis

Catholic columnist, author and TV personality Patrick J. Buchanan has just released a new book called Suicide of a Superpower, a study of America over the last half century. Mr. Buchanan devotes a chapter of the book to the Catholic Church and its various crises during this period. You can read an excerpt from that […]

A Funny Moment

“Holy Crapiola!” she exclaimed.


How Far Has Western Civilization Fallen?

“Britain is the latest country to pay the price for what happened half a century ago in one of the most radical transformations in the history of the West,” wrote Jonathan Sacks, Britain’s chief rabbi in the Wall Street Journal after the riots in England. The Rabbi was referring to the changes wrought in the […]

Summer movie: Saint Ralph

Ralph gets it into his head, the way we do, that he can check off all the requirements to produce a miracle.

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