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Category Archives: Conversion to Catholicism

Why Catholic Converts Read, and Read, and Read…

My oldest stepdaughter will be Confirmed Catholic this Easter. I can’t tell you how her conversion to Catholicism swells my heart!  I haven’t spoken much about her conversion in respect for God’s work still happening, in boy does it happen in grand ways during a conversion! There’s so much my husband has taught me about […]

But Is Conversion Really Corruption?

A recent article in the New York Times assessing the television mini-series “Brideshead Revisited” 30 years later quotes the author of a forthcoming history of the show as saying that the series was “far more effective” than the novel by Evelyn Waugh. The reason, he explained, is that the film version does a better job […]

The New Evangelization

One of Evelyn Waugh’s few short stories describes a ship sailing up a broad river, through a wild and virgin landscape untouched by the hand of man except, here and there, by a cluster of rude huts from which wild men painted blue rush down to the banks to watch the ship proceed upstream. It […]

From Judaism to Catholicism

Interesting interview with political philosopher Hadley Arkes in the National Catholic Register a couple of weeks ago.  Professor Arkes, who teaches at Amherst, is a Catholic convert from Judaism.  “I discovered that Jewish public life was becoming more committed to the liberal Democratic agenda than things Jewish,” said Professor Arkes.   “A critical moment came when […]

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